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StudentLife 101

Imagine having the ability to oversee, track, monitor, and manage every aspect of student life on your campus with a single tool. Imagine the peace of mind for the administrators, the staff, the parents, and the students at your school. Welcome to StudentLife, from Reach Student Life Management!

StudentLife is the award-winning, secure, purpose-built, subscription-based student life management system developed specifically for day schools and residential campuses. StudentLife allows schools to manage risk, build efficiencies, and facilitate real-time communication to promote harmony throughout your academic community.

Why do you need StudentLife?

In a world of heightened uncertainty, day schools are responsible for an ever-increasing level of care, accountability, and safety for the students and staff at our institutions. StudentLife has proven itself as the intuitive, go-to solution for more schools than any other platform.

StudentLife provides an integrated system of communication and security with checks & balances that provide peace of mind for your school’s parents, staff and students.


How does it help?

StudentLife is a constantly-evolving suite of integrated, task-specific modules designed to add efficiencies, real-time automation, and lend a helping hand for the day-to-day challenges of day school administrators and staff. Each module has a job to do, and they all work in perfect harmony to provide a seamless solution.  

First Response –

Designed to enable administrators to address everything from minor everyday incidents to large-scale emergencies, this module provides enhanced situational awareness of student locations, real-time chat with students, and confirmation of student status, allowing selective, or wide-scale alerts and communication with parents, students, and staff.

Custom SURVEYS/Forms –

Create, edit, and manage customized intuitive forms designed for students and parents. Generate permission forms for activities, waivers for field trips, or even create short surveys about the things that matter to students and staff on your campus. Custom Surveys/Forms are being used by schools around the world to survey students and staff, address COVID-19 protocols and quickly assess any symptomatic conditions before students and staff arrive to school.

Attendance Log –

StudentLife tracks and monitors attendance at assemblies, lunch, and during school-related events in real-time, with multiple staff accountability for students across the campus.


Control, record, and manage visits to campus, with key information collection, ID Management, reason for visit, and creation of a virtual visitor ID card.

Student Tracker –

Track and report student movements in, out, and around your school, and integrates that data with all other relevant modules within the StudentLife system. Movement transactions and student monitoring can be created manually or electronically and staff can know simply by checking a StudentLife dashboard screen where any or all students are in real-time and when they are due back.

Event Coordinator –

A powerful tool to replace your Google Forms, clipboards, or paper sign-ups for all of your student activities and events. This module assists your staff with managing trips, excursions, away games, meetings, special events, etc. StudentLife simplifies and streamlines the process for all involved.


Integrated real-time, secure chat capability between student and teacher. All data stays within the StudentLife system and administration has permission-based access to view and report chat logs.

Communication Hub –

A hub for all student communications, utilizing email, PUSH, SMS (Text Msgs) to communicate with students, staff and parents for alerts, notices and emergency situations.


StudentLife lets you track, manage, and report on the overall quality of care, the behaviour, and the wellbeing of your students using data tracking, behaviour tagging, and analytics to provide real-time insight of student interactions to ensure harmony and alert staff to potential interpersonal issues before they can escalate.


Understanding and tracking pastoral information for students is a vital element of keeping them safe and accountable. ReachBoarding allows for staff to quickly take notes on student wellness and behavior and alerts administrators when concerns arise.

REACH WELLNESS INDEX® - View and analyze the big picture of social and emotional wellness for their students, staff, and parents. Reach Wellness Index® and Challenge Success, is now included as a standard module for all subscribers.

Is StudentLife secure?

We have redesigned the StudentLife user-access security system from the ground up to create a robust and flexible digital architecture that provides administrators with complete control across the entire user base.

Our Infinity Access provides administrators with unlimited flexibility and endless possibilities. It gives you the ability to control the access and activity capability for every user, on every screen, and for every action in StudentLife.

Using the latest in RFID technology, biometrics, or GPS to monitor student movement, StudentLife implements new innovative technology tools such as i-Beacons, NFC tags and QR codes. StudentLife is constantly seeking to improve user experience, efficiency, and security for our schools.

 Read our white paper on data security [PDF]

Will StudentLife integrate with our current system?

A key feature of StudentLife is that it has been designed to integrate seamlessly with a growing list of School Management Systems worldwide.

StudentLife even shares your school spirit – it can be custom-branded with your school crest and colours to become an integral part of student life on your campus.

With the Reach Application Programming Interface (API), we connect with the world's leading platforms, including yours.





StudentLife works with all major platforms and devices: